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Posts from the ‘modern’ Category

Zero Impact

Now you can have beautiful design and quality construction while keeping your moral compass straight. Read more

Meet the Future at NEST Modern

Sandy Whitby is an abstract painter who uses texture and a sophisticated color palette as part of her signature style. Read more

Hill Country Oasis

Natural stone, large windows, and cobalt blue, steel posts comprise this modern home, and compliments the beautiful hill country surroundings. Read more

NEST Modern Austin Moves to SoCO

Whew! It’s good to be back! We are finally coming up for air.  The NESTERS have been getting prepared for moving day! After over a decade at our current Austin space, we will be moving the showroom to it’s very own location. We thought we would share with you over the next few weeks what is happening with our move, and maybe we can pass on some of what we learn as we move over 40 room settings! Read more

Modern Matt

NEST Modern has been proud to call Matt Kaplinsky a friend and vendor since we opened 10 years ago. Read more

Top Ten Holiday Gifts

We love the holidays and all that accompanies this time of year! Amongst the mistletoe and the twinkle lights we have been making our list and checking it twice.  Take a peek and see what is on our gift list.  Read more

Milton Glaser

Our love of modern design doesn’t end with just furniture and interiors.  Really we look to all great design for inspiration. And it doesn’t get anymore inspirational than Milton Glaser. Read more