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Posts from the ‘Love’ Category

Romance in the Room

Happy Valentines Day!  Now that is out of the way, let’s get personal.  Forget about spending all day creating a forced, romantic mood for the night.  Read more

a very NEST thanksgiving

Looking for something other than fall leaves and turkeys to decorate your table with this Thanksgiving?  Read more

Atomic Ranch

In the late 1940’s, after the end of World War II, the tract home took off in popularity as millions of houses were constructed across the states.  The ranch style became the dominant design, and at the time was considered a radical new approach. Many architects began add modernist themes to these tract homes. Read more

Greetings from High Point

High Point, NC has been called the “Furniture Capitol of the World”.  Manufacturers from all over the world gather in this small city twice a year to show their goods and sell their wares. Read more

2013 Fall Favorites

Everywhere we look we see fabulous lists and images of what we “must” have for this fall.  We have decided to throw our hat into the ring.  (By the way hats are one of our must haves in fashion!)  Here are some of our favorites for this fall.   Read more

How do I have good design when I have kids?

Often parents feel that their savvy design style has to die as their family comes to life.  Rest assured that it is possible to enjoy your space, and make it kid friendly as well.  Take it from this Mom of twin toddlers, who cannot be happy in an ugly space. Read more


This spring the runways were filled with bold, eye-catching patterns.  Furniture and textiles have quickly followed suit and showcase these same trends in design.  We have showcased some of the top patterns from the fashion world, and then showed you how to interpret that into your own space. Read more