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Zero Impact

Now you can have beautiful design and quality construction while keeping your moral compass straight. Read more


Sunshine, vibrance, happiness, energy, and warmth are just a few of the words that pop in mind when thinking of yellow.  Being the lightest, and most luminescent color on the spectrum, yellow is also one of the most eye-catching and noticeable colors.  There is no coincidence that yellow is used in a place where one wants to create an energetic and uplifting space.  Since it shares the same hue as the sun, it automatically brings to mind a happy place.   Read more

How To Dress

One of the most confusing things in furniture shopping  can be how to dress your new sofa, or other upholstered piece.  You might know the color you want, but choosing the correct material for your lifestyle can be an entirely new challenge that wasn’t expected.  Here are some tips on choosing the right covering for your house.  Read more

spend and thrift

Let’s face it, budgets are a fact of life for most of us.  (Unless that retirement plan of winning the lottery finally pays off!)  Read more

All about Upholstery

With so many different methods of upholstery construction offered these days, it’s easy to understand why the myriad of options can be confusing to the consumer. Quality, comfort, price, and longevity are all key points most people look for when purchasing furniture. New technology and materials make it possible to have all of these important elements without emptying your pocketbook. Read more

A Love Affair in Italy

This week we are giving you a behind-the-scenes story of how one of our favorite companies, Gamma, has made it’s mark on the industry. By providing uncompromising handmade furniture coupled with their signature Italian design elements, Gamma has carved out a reputation as one of the leading leather houses in the world.

Read more