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Posts from the ‘inspired’ Category

Meet the Future at NEST Modern

Sandy Whitby is an abstract painter who uses texture and a sophisticated color palette as part of her signature style. Read more

Modern Matt

NEST Modern has been proud to call Matt Kaplinsky a friend and vendor since we opened 10 years ago. Read more

The Fountain Lady

Ruth Asawa is an artist whose talents first started to blossom while in an interment camp during World War II. Her drawing skills were noticed and encouraged by her teachers, and is what helped her move towards the arts after she graduated high school.   Read more


When deciding upon artwork for a modern space many people go straight to galleries and websites in search of the perfect painting. Don’t overlook alternative mediums, such as linocuts, in your hunt.  Read more


Some may have noticed that our blog was silent for a while at the beginning of the summer.  NEST turned TEN, Read more

David Stone Martin

If you are a collector of Jazz Albums, like myself, then you are most likely familiar with the artist ‘David Stone Martin.’ Wait…. you’ve never heard of him? Well thats because he left his mark on the jazz culture without ever playing a note!

Read more


Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus in 1919 in Weimer, Germany.  Gropius believed a marriage of art and design would bring about a utopian craft guild. In 1923 he realized it was financially impractical to have  everything hand crafted, and adapted his belief to incorporate mass production of the arts, at this time the school adopted the slogan, “Art Into Industry.” Read more