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Some may have noticed that our blog was silent for a while at the beginning of the summer.  NEST turned TEN, Read more

Preserving Mid-Century

Recently we had the opportunity to work with a group we highly respect, and of course we jumped at the offer! Preservation Austin, “… protect(s) the diverse architectural and cultural heritage of the greater Austin community.” This year their efforts were focused around something that is near and dear to our heart, mid-century architecture. Read more

Keith Kreeger Pottery

All too often people mistake modern for cold and industrial.  The original, hand-thrown pieces from Keith Kreeger Pottery help exemplify nothing could be further from the truth.  Read more

a very NEST thanksgiving

Looking for something other than fall leaves and turkeys to decorate your table with this Thanksgiving?  Read more

Greetings from High Point

High Point, NC has been called the “Furniture Capitol of the World”.  Manufacturers from all over the world gather in this small city twice a year to show their goods and sell their wares. Read more


Labor day is upon us, and here in Texas that means a few things. Read more

Roadshow Wrap Up

Whew, what a summer!  With a whirlwind of Thayer Coggin’s Roadshow, NEST Modern’s anniversary sale, and the Nesters traveling to some amazing places this summer has been flying by!  We are finally back from our break and want to share our Roadshow experience with you; we had so much fun it is still fresh on our minds. Read more