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Sunshine, vibrance, happiness, energy, and warmth are just a few of the words that pop in mind when thinking of yellow.  Being the lightest, and most luminescent color on the spectrum, yellow is also one of the most eye-catching and noticeable colors.  There is no coincidence that yellow is used in a place where one wants to create an energetic and uplifting space.  Since it shares the same hue as the sun, it automatically brings to mind a happy place.   Read more

relaxing design

I am a lover of good design, in every aspect. I smile at quirky packaging, look twice at the graphic patterns, and admire the street art downtown. And all of this inspiration is directed towards creating eye-catching ,modern interiors.   Read more

Romance in the Room

Happy Valentines Day!  Now that is out of the way, let’s get personal.  Forget about spending all day creating a forced, romantic mood for the night.  Read more

spend and thrift

Let’s face it, budgets are a fact of life for most of us.  (Unless that retirement plan of winning the lottery finally pays off!)  Read more

The Bronze Age

From light bronze to dark brass, the name may change but the demand stays the same.  This stylish finish has taken it’s hold in modern design.  The light bronze metal finish started gaining popularity in conjunction with the mid-century modern resurgence, and it is here to stay. Read more