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how to move in six easy steps

You found your new place, signed your documents, and purged your things.  What’s next?

The move.  It can be overwhelming, but don’t let it. Here is how to tackle the move in six easy steps.

1. Beg, borrow, and steal boxes

Put the request on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…  Any and all ways you can think of to get the word out that you are willing to take boxes off of people’s hands.  Now wait for the cardboard vessels to come rolling in!

2. Pack

You found a few boxes, and so it’s time to pack.  You gently and lovingly wrap up all your memories.  Look a picture of you and your best friend from high school, and another one of that party! Good times.  Wait, how have three hours gone by and not one box is packed?

And why hasn’t anyone else brought you boxes.  Maybe you should let more people know you need boxes.

3. Look for more boxes.

Call some grocery stores and see if they have any boxes you can use.  Send texts to your friends.  Surely this will bring in the mother load of boxes!

4. Take a break.

Moving is really exhausting.  You need a nap.  How are you expected to do all of this work if you haven’t slept?

5. Start packing, again.

Ok. Nap is over. This time you are going to pack more than one box.  Start with books. You don’t need those right now anyway.  Man, these books get really heavy!  All the books are packed.  How did you use up all the boxes?

6. Call the movers and pour yourself a drink.

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