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Romance in the Room

Happy Valentines Day!  Now that is out of the way, let’s get personal.  Forget about spending all day creating a forced, romantic mood for the night.  Flower petals on the bed and heart-shaped pillows aren’t anyone’s (or hardly anyone’s) idea of a dream bedroom.  Today focus on created your relaxing environment that will inspire romance for the rest of the year.

Using soft materials and neutral palettes will create an inviting space.  After all the first step to having a romantic bedroom is wanting to spend time there.


That doesn’t mean you have to shy away from color if that is what makes you happy.  Layering bright color, organic patterns, and a light neutral background creates a different type of intimate atmosphere.


Using natural materials will go a lot farther in a relaxing space.  Here they mixed the outdoor view, natural materials, and colors inspired by the nature outside.


Have fun with it too.  If you have a quirky, eclectic personality then show it off.  Creating a room that reflects who you are will go far.  You have to be comfortable before you can be romantic.

white bedroom

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