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Holiday Wish List

The holidays are upon us and that gets everyone at Nestmodern in a tizzy!  The holiday spirit that fills our customers seems to be contagious and it turns even the scroogiest of Nesters into a jolly, happy soul (the eggnog seems to help as well!).  To help you get to know us a little better we decided to share our personal holiday wish list.  

From the Austin store Rebecca wants a Greenwich bed in a charcoal, tweed fabric and a Crestview Door.  If you want to win Joe over you can get him anything from John Varvatos.  Leti loves the Sting Chairs and drools over the idea of them being dressed in Maharam Point fabric. Gilbert would be happy with a pair of Muller Teak boots from Helm, although to be honest he is always happy anyways! Lara has visions of a restored mid-century house dancing in her head.  However she is most excited over seeing her sister, brother-in-law and nieces who are coming down from San Francisco.

In San Antonio Patrick is looking forward to just seeing all of his family, but he wouldn’t balk at a new iPad.  Kate is keeping her eye on a vintage Mercedes and a Harris sofa.  And Paloma will sleep well on a new Lauren bed with a bamboo mattress.

Our sweet founders have the best wish of all.  Doug really just wants to be with his family, and have the opportunity to see his 93-year-old grandmother.  And John’s Christmas wish is for his family to all be together while everyone is still around.  Is it any wonder why we love these guys?

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