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A Modern Thanksgiving

Ah, the day of thanks is finally here.  We at NEST love Thanksgiving, especially if it means someone else is doing the cooking!  It is a chance for us to look around and be reminded of all the wonderful things in our lives.  Of course our fabulous jobs are at the top of the list, only exceeded by our wonderful families.  But we are also thankful that we get a chance to show off our dinner party skills.  Unlike most of America, we find coming up with new ways to decorate and design that special table a fun challenge we rise up to with gusto each year.  Take a few of our tips and surprise your guest with a unique and modern masterpiece.

Be Creative with Your Centerpieces

  1. Spray paint coffee beans with mirrored paint.  Use them to fill a votive with a simple white candle.  Arrange different size votives in the center of the table.  Simple and stunning.
  2. Use copper leaf on a variety of small gourds.
  3. Don’t fall into the “themed” trap.  You don’t have to go with Thanksgiving related items.  You can never go wrong with a beautiful floral arrangement.  Just remember to keep it low so your guest can converse with ease.

Set the Table

  1. Mix it up.  Use different dishes throughout the table.  Keep all the dishes white and simple but use different shapes to create interest.
  2. Whether your gathering is large or small don’t be afraid to do assigned seating.  Use autumn fruit or a fallen colorful leaf for a place card.
  3. Choose simple butcher paper for a table runner.  It is unique, simple, modern and can double as a place card with a simple sharpie.  (See above tip)

Think Outside the Box

  1. Don’t be afraid to be trendy.  Just because they aren’t typical fall colors doesn’t mean they won’t work.  Paint gourds in neon colors or ombre and set in the middle of the table.
  2. Splurge on new chairs.  Using clear, acrylic chairs will help clear your canvas from any competing colors or shapes.  The transparency will really help showcase your new work of art.
  3. Mix your Grandmother’s silver with that modern stainless steel bowl you love.  By using elements that truly speak to you, you ensure your table will always be loved by those who know you.
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