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Zero Impact

Now you can have beautiful design and quality construction while keeping your moral compass straight. Read more

Meet the Future at NEST Modern

Sandy Whitby is an abstract painter who uses texture and a sophisticated color palette as part of her signature style. Read more

storage is king

Everyone goes through periods of feeling unsettled.  We are firm believers that getting your environment put together will compose your inner self as well. With Mercury in retrograde, we don’t recommend taking any chances. Read more

Lotte Lamps

The Lotte lamp is an iconic silhouette in mid-century design. Read more

Hill Country Oasis

Natural stone, large windows, and cobalt blue, steel posts comprise this modern home, and compliments the beautiful hill country surroundings. Read more

dream home

As the modern movement gains popularity many consumers are seeing the warmth and beauty a contemporary home can provide.  The dream home is being reshaped in cities across America with large glass windows, open floor plans, and clean lines.  Read more

how to move in six easy steps

You found your new place, signed your documents, and purged your things.  What’s next?

The move.  It can be overwhelming, but don’t let it. Here is how to tackle the move in six easy steps. Read more