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A Gentle Revolution

A new revolution has evolved and according to some it’s has come in gently. Twee, a frame of mind about consumerism has started to take root and take over.  Twee is based upon purchasing with a purpose; vintage, and handmade pieces take front and center in this new movement. It’s more than just a diy, think artisanal.  Read more

Modern Matt

NEST Modern has been proud to call Matt Kaplinsky a friend and vendor since we opened 10 years ago. Read more

Top Ten Holiday Gifts

We love the holidays and all that accompanies this time of year! Amongst the mistletoe and the twinkle lights we have been making our list and checking it twice.  Take a peek and see what is on our gift list.  Read more

Chandra Rugs

Rugs play an important role in any interior. They ground a vignette, provide color, pattern, texture, and comfort.  But often people do not understand the true value of a rug.  There are many things I could tell you about why where the rug comes from and how it is made matters.  But I think this video says it better than anything I could write.  Read more

Milton Glaser

Our love of modern design doesn’t end with just furniture and interiors.  Really we look to all great design for inspiration. And it doesn’t get anymore inspirational than Milton Glaser. Read more

The Fountain Lady

Ruth Asawa is an artist whose talents first started to blossom while in an interment camp during World War II. Her drawing skills were noticed and encouraged by her teachers, and is what helped her move towards the arts after she graduated high school.   Read more


When deciding upon artwork for a modern space many people go straight to galleries and websites in search of the perfect painting. Don’t overlook alternative mediums, such as linocuts, in your hunt.  Read more


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