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I recently came across an article discussing mid-century modern furniture and it’s relevancy today.  I excitedly clicked the link, hoping to see some designs that often get overlooked.  Read more

Raul Coronel

Modernist Master Ceramist, Raul Coronel, made pots, lamps, sculptures, fountains, ceramic murals and architectural elements from 1956 until 1985 in Southern California. Read more

Preserving Mid-Century

Recently we had the opportunity to work with a group we highly respect, and of course we jumped at the offer! Preservation Austin, “… protect(s) the diverse architectural and cultural heritage of the greater Austin community.” This year their efforts were focused around something that is near and dear to our heart, mid-century architecture. Read more


Green is grass growing in the spring, the leaves on the tree, and the delicate buds of flowers. Green is hope, green is optimism. Green is new and young. Some say green is the color of balance, growth and harmony. Read more

relaxing design

I am a lover of good design, in every aspect. I smile at quirky packaging, look twice at the graphic patterns, and admire the street art downtown. And all of this inspiration is directed towards creating eye-catching ,modern interiors.   Read more

Romance in the Room

Happy Valentines Day!  Now that is out of the way, let’s get personal.  Forget about spending all day creating a forced, romantic mood for the night.  Read more

How To Dress

One of the most confusing things in furniture shopping  can be how to dress your new sofa, or other upholstered piece.  You might know the color you want, but choosing the correct material for your lifestyle can be an entirely new challenge that wasn’t expected.  Here are some tips on choosing the right covering for your house.  Read more


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